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Unique beautiful nude art pictures taken with drone in breathtaking scenery. DRONE NUDE PHOTOGRAPHY AS EXCLUSIVE ART ON YOUR WALL. Whether you prefer the classic in print or prefer your nude art in a digital picture frame. Drone nude art photos will add the wow highlight to any room.

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Unimpressive, bare walls? Only a pale shadow in the memory. Finding the exclusive is hard. In doing so, drone nude photography makes it uniquely easy. Drone nude art photos achieve a unique fusion of aesthetic nude photos with stunning landscape shots.

Weil exklusiver Geschmack kein Zufall ist

Despite everything, I never planned to take nude art photos with the drone. As so often in life, good things come to you by chance. So it happened that I took my first nude art pictures with the drone to prove something to my wife.

The reactions, from everyone who heard about it, were shocking to me. I had not expected such enthusiasm and positive astonishment. And thus a “bet” became my destiny and greatest passion, which, moreover, I express in my nude art photos.

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